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In the heart of the Canadian wilderness, Cheanise stands as a custodian to bring awareness back to UNCUT profound spectrum of healing all ranges of trauma. She is here to offer tools to the deeply up root stale living and provide accessible steps to all who dare to embrace the journey.

With the rawness of a seasoned rural, farmer’s daughter; she ignites a spark, teaching how to harness those who need their voices and their truth to emerge from hidden realities we face guiding souls on a journey to carve new, uncharted paths.

Her wisdom flows from ancient, timeless streams of connections, “boots on the ground” experiences and change makers morals to help out our modern existence stop feeling trapped. Cheanise elevates those who are ready, aligning them with their innermost essence and reclaiming destiny that dwells within.

Whether it’s unveiling the veils of self-deception, navigating the sea of deep-seated traumas, illuminating unnoticed blind spots, or channeling the universe’s hidden truths at the divine moment; Cheanise is the anchor for those seeking to discover their true selves and unlock their REAL potential.

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In the tender embrace of twilight, where the subtle whispers of the cosmos gently trace the edges of our reality, we find ourselves standing, introspective, on this ancient rock we call Earth. It’s here, in this serene sanctuary, that a journey of recalibration begins — a journey that weaves through the physical, mental, emotional, and soulful layers of our being, guiding us back to a profound sense of purpose and place.

As we dive into the depths of humanity’s current state, viewing it through a lens of reclamation, transformation, and connection, we embark on a sacred exploration. It’s an odyssey deep into the core of our existence, to places unseen and thoughts unimagined, where we seek to reclaim the lost rhythms and pulses of our cosmic essence. In this transformative process, like a gentle flame rekindling spirits, we rise from the ashes of our former selves, reshaped and renewed in mystic revelation.

This crucible of change is where our inner landscapes are artistically rearranged, connecting us to the greater tapestry of shared dreams and reality. It’s a journey of profound connection, deep and unbound, within the vast sea of humanity. Here, amidst the intricate dance of life, we find our place, our inner illumination, on this sacred path. From the physical realms we traverse, seeking spiritual gold, embracing each moment of this bold, sacred dance of existence.

dive into the depths of current states of humanity from a lens of reclamation, transformation & connection.


With a warm, kind presence my session with Cheanise was a humbling eye opening experience that I don’t plan on forgetting anytime soon! I highly recommend this kind soul!

Cody – Inspirational Speaker – Man With A Mission

One of those most true authentic kind caring souls I know. Incredible!

Paula – Financial Manager – Super Mom


What an amazing beautiful soul!! I meet her For the first time this past weekend and she took me by surprise. She has helped me rethink things in ways I never thought possible. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to meet her, and I look forward to many journeys with her. Namasta my love.

Adriane – Addictions Counselor

Cheanise is so warm and welcoming, you feel like you are talking to a life long friend. I have always been skeptic of these sort of things but after talking to her I have a sense of self awareness that was always there but I just needed the push to accept who I am. Really grateful for the experience.

Alli – Financial Representative – Women Warrior

My experience was so much light she’d on a dark situation, she was incredibly intuitive, she speaks through her spirit guides , excited to see where our healing journey goes from here


Cheanise is incredible. Totally changed my life and direction in 1 hour. She was incredibly accurate about EVERYTHING. 10/10 recommend if you have a chance, book a session. There is no way you’ll regret it.


Last week, I had the pleasure of getting a reading from miss cheanise! It was amazing, not only did I get clarification about so many things, I felt amazing when I left there. Cheanise will be a life long friend


I had a wonderful experience with Cheanise, I love how she connected with our family, my daughter's & son. She gave us so much insight, cleansed our home and many views that we need to look at. Her communication & insight is amazing. Her connection to my non verbal daughter was incredible to watch. My daughter felt much better. I could see everyone felt happier right away. Can't wait to meet again.


Cheanise opened me up to a whole new world! She explained trauma, energy, healing and so much more to me! After suffering with cold legs due to my ms Cheanise was able to bring warmth back to them! I wish I would have met Cheanise a long, long time ago!! She also cleansed my basement and my children will now go down there ALONE!!


I was amazed by this woman! She gave me answers I had been looking for over 12 years. The things she told me she would have had no way of knowing unless she had been there. The details were phenomenal. I would recommend Cheanise to my closest friends and family. I will definitely like to see her again if given the opportunity. Thank you so much.


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