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The Compass Call

Uncover profound truths and gain insightful answers with Compass Call. Your quest for understanding and clarity begins here. Prepare to explore the depths of your thoughts and emotions, unlocking a world of self-awareness and wisdom.

Preparation Essentials:

    • Have pen and paper ready for notes.
    • Optionally, record the session with another device.
    • Ensure a quiet environment.
    • Keep devices fully charged or plugged in.
    • Have water or tissues at hand.
    • The more prepared and willing you are to engage, the more beneficial the session will be.

Session Policies:

  • Missed Sessions: Full payment is required for missed sessions. We offer a one-time rebooking policy, acknowledging that life can be unpredictable.
  • Emergencies: If I am unable to attend due to an emergency, we’ll reschedule at the earliest convenience. Note that urgent mental health support cases may occasionally require my immediate attention.

Communication Channels:

  • Phone Calls: Please call me at your scheduled appointment time. If I am unavailable, I may be concluding a prior session. Your understanding and patience are appreciated. ContactĀ at 780 632 9616 orĀ dialĀ 1 forĀ callsĀ outside Canada.
  • Facebook Messenger: For sessions via Facebook Messenger, please add me as a friend: Cheanise Bidulock’s Facebook.
  • Video Calls: If you would like to have your call via Video please either call me on Facetime video or Facebook Messenger Video

In-Person Sessions:

Payment Information:

Thank you for choosing Compass Call. We look forward to guiding you on your journey.

Blessings, ~C

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