The Niche Nation

Blossom 2024: Unveiling Warrior Women Intensive

As the chill in the winds causes our Mother Earth to slumber, she whispers softly to you:

“My dear child, I am growing tired and weak. I implore you to be my eyes and ears during this changing season. Do not take this lightly, for something significant looms on the horizon, hidden from my view. I need your light; I need you to remain steadfast in the face of these dark days. Help me unveil the enchanting song that is leading so many astray! Promise me that you will embark on the necessary work before the seeds of change freeze in place. Go forth, gather what you can, and root yourself deep before the impending freeze. Something is approaching…” She drifts off into slumber.

You feel the resonance of her last words deep within your bones. Your ears ring, and in the distance, a drum begins to beat. Something has awakened within you!

Your PRAYER has been heard.

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Apr 04 - 08 2024


1:00 pm - 1:00 pm



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Prestige Oceanfront Resort
6929 West Coast Rd Sooke, BC, Canada


The Niche Nation
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